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    ID: 3699
    Title: Esmeralda and Ariel enjoy intense lesbian love making!
    Posted: Sunday, July 24th, 2011
    Description: Ariel had no idea that her beautiful gypsy friend, Esmeralda, had lesbian tendencies until she feels her hands reaching from behind her, caressing her soft breasts and making her nipples tingle as she runs a smooth, wet and very hot tongue all over the back of her neck and ear! As she strips her naked, Esmeralda presses her against a big rock and licks her entire body, making her pussy get soaking wet with excitement and arousal. Esmeralda eats her tits and devours her wet tongue, spreading her long legs so Ariel can play with her pussy. Soon Esmeralda’s tongue is deep inside Ariel, their naked bodies glisten with sweat as they enjoy the hottest lesbian love making ever!

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