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  1. GTF says:

    Fun fact: All these images are based on actual Playboy covers. The artist did a pretty good job in getting them right.

    Here’s a list of the featured princesses, the names of the actual girls on the covers, and the dates they appeared:

    Images 01-03: Mulan (Raquel Welch, December 1979)
    Images 04-05: Pocahontas (Bo Derek, March 1980)
    Images 06-08: Snow White (Marilyn Monroe, December 1953)
    Images 09-10: Elsa (Kate Moss, January/February 2014)
    Images 11-12: Tinkerbell (Simone Hammerstrand, April 1971)
    Images 13-14: Aurora (Anna Nicole Smith, February 1994)
    Images 15-16: Cinderella (Rita Lee, April 1979)
    Images 17-18: Ariel (Carol Vitale, August 1972)
    Images 19-20: Rapunzel (Phyllis Babila, May 1970)
    Images 21-22: Belle (Marilyn Lange, June 1975)
    Image 23: Tiana (Darine Stern, October 1971)

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